Looking everywhere for good economic news? Look right in your backyard...Barre Vermont.
  • Barre City has more new construction projects per capita than anywhere else in Vermont.
  • »Locate your business here at the historic Blanchard Block or the brand new City Place.

Barre…Opportunity Defined

Barre…Opportunity defined. Barre’s government, community and economic leaders strive to go the extra mile to provide expanding or relocating businesses and organizations with the information, permitting and financial assistance they need to grow and prosper in today’s global marketplace. The City, Town and Barre Area Development staff stands ready to help your business locate, grow and expand throughout our unique mix of urban, suburban and country living. The character and architectural quality of the downtown National Historic Register commercial district make an important contribution to the city's sense of identity and play a unique role in economic development. A lively entertainment, cultural and shopping district, the Center City also appeals to people wanting to live in the hustle and bustle of downtown. Chances are, you've visited a monument in Washington DC that was made out of Barre granite or designed and built by Barre artisans.  The Korean War Memorial was designed and sculpted by Barre’s own Frank Gaylord.  Barre artisans designed the Vietnam War Memorial.  Many of the state capital, including our own in Montpelier, are made with Barre Granite. It's why we say there are literally pieces of Barre, Vermont, all over the world.  You don’t have to look any further than the nearest cemetery in any state in the country to prove that!  But, Barre is a lot more than granite. more ...

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