Looking everywhere for good economic news? Look right in your backyard...Barre Vermont.
  • Barre City has more new construction projects per capita than anywhere else in Vermont.
  • »Locate your business here at the historic Blanchard Block or the brand new City Place.

Top 10 reasons to do business in Barre, Vermont

Why Do Business in Barre Vermont? Deep and Talented Workforce - 40% of the population of Barre has a bachelor’s degree or higher. Barre has a strong entrepreneurial spirit – we generate patents for everything from electrical system capacitors to sustainable energy to snowshoe bindings.  Many of the national monuments in Washington DC, numerous state capitals and elsewhere have ties to Barre artisans. Low Oc ...

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Hottest Growth Segments in Barre, Vermont

Barre offers employment at livable wages, a housing stock that attracts and serves all income levels, and high quality cultural, entertainment, and recreational experiences.  It is a friendly place with diverse, industrious residents, where it is easy to get involved and be part of the community. Target Industries No place can be all things to all people.  For Barre, we don't try to say we're the best place ...

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