Looking everywhere for good economic news? Look right in your backyard...Barre Vermont.
  • Barre City has more new construction projects per capita than anywhere else in Vermont.
  • »Locate your business here at the historic Blanchard Block or the brand new City Place.

Facts & Figures

Barre Vermont Facts & Figures

Quick facts about Barre residents:

40% over the age of 25 hold at least a bachelor’s degree which is 25% better than the national average.

36% of home owners in the Barre moved into their current home after the year 2000.

31% of Barre homeowners have no mortgage.

5% of the households have a Net Worth in excess of $1 million. (Source US Census Bureau)

The Perfect Location


The best way to describe Barre’s housing market? ….Healthy, with lots of options.  Regardless if you are looking to rent or to own, our varying neighborhoods offer residents an opportunity to find a home that matches their personality & style.  So whether you’re seeking a starter home, a low maintenance townhouse, a historic home or something with some room to roam, you will find it in Barre.  Click on the following link to see what’s available today. Barre Homes For Sale


A solid supply of high quality, yet affordable, commercial properties ranging from downtown lofts and Main Street retail to Class A Industrial Parks & Office buildings.  We even have state-of-the-art Medical options.  Need a new building designed exactly to suit your needs?  We have that too.  We are especially proud of our new downtown City Place and the completely renovated but historic Blanchard Block.


Water & Wastewater – The Orange Reservoir which serves Barre has over 450 million gallons of crisp, clean Vermont water. The city of Barre operates a water treatment plant with the capacity to provide 6 million gallons per day as well as a wastewater treatment plant cable of handling 4 million gallons per day.

Electricity – Green Mountain Power and Washington Electric serve our area. Many sections of Barre have Three Phase power.

Telecommunications – Fairpoint, AT&T, and Verizon offer telephone and wireless service.  In addition those provider Charter Communications offers, phone, Internet and cable TV.

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