Looking everywhere for good economic news? Look right in your backyard...Barre Vermont.
  • Barre City has more new construction projects per capita than anywhere else in Vermont.
  • »Locate your business here at the historic Blanchard Block or the brand new City Place.

Relocate or Expand

Relocate or Expand in Barre, Vermont

Relocate or Expand in Barre, Vermont

It’s easy to balance personal and business priorities here. Barre offers employment at livable wages, a housing stock that attracts and serves all income levels, and high quality cultural, entertainment, and recreational experiences.  It is a friendly place with diverse, industrious residents, where it is easy to get involved and be part of the community.

Barre is a family-oriented community that features award-winning schools and safe neighborhoods ranging from affordable starter homes to luxury executive homes. There is a large workforce with more than 17,500 residents and 7500 households with an average household income of more than $57,000.  For renters we have a huge selection of apartments at lease rates far more affordable than Chittenden County, Montpelier and many other areas of Vermont.  Search here for Barre homes and apartments with local Realtors.

Your business and employees have access to two major highways, the Knapp State Airport, Burlington International Airport, and rail lines, although, they likely won’t use them much. That’s because they can live and work here and enjoy our trail systems, first-rate parks, a historic downtown district, a variety of outstanding restaurants, and a prosperous business community that boasts a diversity of shops, services and promising careers.

With over $66 million dollars in real estate and infrastructure investment including $46 million from the private sector, downtown Barre offers the savvy retailer an opportunity to join in the city’s latest success story. Developments recently completed or in process include City Place, Blanchard Block, Metro Way, CVCAC Campus, Merchants Bank, North Main Street reconstruction, Public Safety Complex and the Aldrich Building.

With over 16,000 daytime workers and growing, opportunities abound for retailers and food vendors. Downtown is becoming a new central Vermont dining and activity destination.

We’re often asked why has Barre has had such impressive success even in the face of a long recession. The answer is easy….our people. Not only is Barre’s population one of the most well-educated in the country—40% of the people older than 25 have at least a four year degree—but we’re also a friendly and welcoming community. After all, many of us aren’t originally from the area, meaning we were new at one point too and relied on help from others to learn the ropes and finding our niche. So we’re basically our citizens are repaying the favor.

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